astrology aquarius january 6 2020

Sagittarius horoscope predicts you will feel more confident this year. March too is a month when you need to be cautious of the people you come in.

Often, that process will be catalyzed by drama: extreme events or intensified circumstances. The key is to understand what the foundational energy of the 2 brings to our year and then to see what the Master number 11 adds to the mix. The core energy of the year resides in the number 2. Without the Master number 11, the 2 Universal Year is a slower and patience-building time. Its energy offers delays and some frustrations along the way.

This is a change from , which was a 1 Universal Year that put the spotlight on our personal needs and solo ventures. The 2 Universal Year focuses on love, emotions and relationships. The energy of the 2 Universal Year supports slowing down, becoming more social and getting intimate with our emotions. The 11 is a double 1—which is all about the self, independence, innovation and confidence.

We just experienced a 1 Universal Year in —an initiating year of rebirth, new beginnings and action. Yet, the foundational energy for the 11 is the 2, which is all about love, relating to others, partnership, patience and being supportive.

Combined with the solo-driven energy of the 11, it can be a real paradox! From to , the world experienced a three-year transition cycle, comprised of the Universal Years 8, 9 and 1. Now brings a moment to rest and regroup—fueled by the 2 Universal Year number. With the diplomatic and loving 2 at play, intuition and sensitivity is heightened. Explore your emotions instead of distracting yourself with busy-ness. Eleven is the number of spiritual illumination.

The number 11 visually resembles a doorway and it acts a threshold to evolved consciousness. The energy offers deep and profound healing at a core level.

Numerology - Universal 11 Year Energy

This year, we can use our creativity and insight for the benefit of humanity. Hurry up and wait? You need a plan, proper financing and the tenacity to go with the flow of creation—which is rarely if ever a linear path. The trick will be in our collective ability to step back and develop new solutions and mindsets, and to find confidence in the face of change and uncertainty. Balance autonomy and partnership. This year continues to push all of us to step into our power, express our individuality and exert healthy independence.

And we have to do this while playing well with others. Find your tribe. Numerology calculator online - Free Online Full Report. Date of Birth: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 January February March April May June July August September October November December Life Path Number - Online Calculator Life Path number is considered to be the most influential number in your numerological chart.

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It is sometimes referred to as the "Destiny number". Your Life Path number is derived from your date of birth. I would really like to change the numbers of my name somehow.

What are your thoughts on doing this? Is it really that simple to just change it or does there have to be some sort of major event attached, such as a marriage? And that is what so often happens when a woman changes her name in marriage.

11:11:11 Unlocks Your Personal Manifesting Potential

But what you described was not subtle. You really felt the change of energy. So, if you were to add a middle name or choose a different name entirely, you would again be dealing with a new set of energies to which you may or may not resonate. From my perspective, in such a situation, it would be better to return to your original name because that energy is going to stay with you, no matter how many times you change your name.

Name changes produce additional energy. They do not replace the original. So this is a chance to simplify your life. Of course, you must do whatever you believe is right for this situation. But those are my feelings. Can you please explain the significance as it feels like this is indeed a year of mastery rather than a six-year. Hi my DOB is August 2nd night 12t Place of birth :Kanchikacherla ,A.

P ,Krishna District.. Can you please give me general numerology report of and prediction..

Understanding Personal Numerology : How to Calculate Your Birth Number

Your Life Path aka Destiny Path is 7. This is the main path you will walk in this lifetime. Hello Ndasi, this is numerology, not astrology.

Every year the calendar changes, your personal numerology changes too!

I hope you find it helpful. You are in the 4 Year in Thus making the total My email is mentioned with my query. Regarding personal consultations, please see my Personal Profiles page for details. I have been watching this and noticed you just copy over the same year prediction to next year.