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Sagittarius horoscope predicts you will feel more confident this year. March too is a month when you need to be cautious of the people you come in.

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Jagjit Uppal Jagjit Uppal website on astrology, zodiac signs and horoscopes. Bejan Daruwalla Official site of a well-known astrologer; uses Indian astrology, Hebrew Kabala, and tarot cards. Astro Interactive Free astrology web site run by Mukesh Mehta; surfers can send their name, birth date, time and place and get a free astrological prediction; also lists the characteristics of various star signs. All India Astrological Services Services offered: horoscope predictions, monthly predictions, compatibility horoscope, auspicious time mahurtha to start businesses, trips, answers to specific questions etc.

Future Vision Web site that offers to give predictions in response to specific queries; based on Hindu astrology. Ayurveda and the Astrology of India Discusses the astrological establishment of the three doshas. Female and the astrology of India The women role in Indian astrology. Mahesh Dashora Astrologer Dr. The ecliptic co-ordinates constitute one of the principal celestial frames of reference used in astronomy. The astrologers use very badly this system, the ecliptic longitude being the only one taken into account by them in a very vague way.

The knowledge of the precise position of a star is incompatible with the astrological system of location. Astrology is a product of the temperate areas of the Northern Hemisphere. Indeed, it is only suited to these areas, would it only be because of the phenomenon of the seasons.

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In the temperate areas of the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are reversed, which removes any likelihood to the associated symbolism. Thus, the sign of the Lion, which corresponds to the boreal summer, is supposed to have properties of exhalation of heat, which of course does not work in the other hemisphere, which is then in full southern winter.

In the tropical zone, the situation is still worse from an astrological point of view, the seasons being only two, the dry season and the wet season prone to regional variations , without variation in temperature! In the polar areas, the majority of the astrological systems in use do not even make it possible to build viable horoscopes.

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Some stars and some signs are indeed never visible there, whereas the astrological "houses", which are absolutely essential for the development of the horoscope, cannot be calculated any longer and do not cross any longer, anyway, the ecliptic, in the majority of the cases. What is, on this subject, the physical significance of the astrological "houses" and why can they not exist in some cases on and beyond the polar circles? Indeed, these astrological "houses", wherever one is in the Universe, correspond to nothing at all!

From another point of view, if astrology were a science, one can legitimately wonder what the horoscope of an individual born elsewhere than on Earth would be, the laws of physics being the same everywhere in the Universe. Astrology implicitly presupposes the existence of a certain number of astral influences due to the Sun, the Moon and some other objects, in this case, the large planets. If there are astral influences, then coherent laws giving their natures, their ranges, their modes of action, as well as their factors of dependence distances, masses, electric charges, etc.

Indeed, one should expect a kind of physical law in function of distance d, mass m, electric charge q, Are these so-called influences forces?

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If so, of which type? Only four types of fundamental forces are currently known: strong interaction, weak interaction, electromagnetic interaction and gravitational force. In which type of fundamental force is it possible to classify these astral influences?

Are they a new fundamental force? Then it would have to be defined! From another point of view, if these influences are not forces, then are they energies? If so, the same question arises, as energy is perfectly quantifiable! Many forms of energy are known: kinetic, potential, elastic, radiative, chemical, nuclear, internal, etc. Which can be the form of energy which could correspond to the so-called astral influences put forward by astrology?

Then, what is the nature of the astral influences presupposed by astrology which would act on the individuals at the moment of their birth why not the moment of their conception would this be an indiscretion? How would these influences act on the humans and why only on the humans? What are the physical laws, which govern these so-called astral influences and how do they evolve according to the distances, the masses or other parameters?

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Why could close bodies people, buildings, cars, trees, etc. Why, on the contrary, could very distant bodies stars, galaxies, galaxy clusters In addition, what to say of other bodies present in the Solar system asteroids, comets, natural and artificial satellites, interplanetary dust, radiation, etc. It would thus be necessary to explain clearly why these astral influences would only exist for the Sun, the Moon and some planets, whereas the immense majority of the celestial bodies would not act at all on the human beings. In the same way, it would have to be specified if these so-called influences only act on the human beings and then, why?

A clear response to this problem was never given.

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Any scientific experiment worthy of the name has indeed never confirmed the so-called astral influences, which are neither forces, nor energies. Statistical studies undertaken in an objective and honest way always showed that astrology only worked by pure coincidence and that the signs or planets did not have a particular influence on the destiny of an individual.

For example, a statistical study was very seriously carried out in in California, United States, with the agreement of forty astrologers, among the most famous. This study, which used a series of double blind tests Carlson, S. Clearly, the scientific experiment refutes the astrological assumption.

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However, some statistics, which are too far away from impartiality, or even knowingly distorted, could sometimes show the opposite. After analysis, it was always shown that these statistics had been arranged, even falsified, in order to reach such a result. We are far from the honesty and the objectivity of any correctly carried out scientific process